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Look around at the wreckage of most businesses that tried to do business in Black residential areas as Black-owned businesses. There are reasons there are few visibly Black-owned and operated businesses within the African-American collective.

You’re not the first aspiring Black business owner who daydreamed of serving Black consumers. The primary reason is that African-American consumers don’t want to see visibly Black-owned businesses succeed.

Black men generally like things the way they are right now.

The collapse of the African-American family is not about a lack of jobs.

African-American women are the only resource that African-American men control. Many Black men will be in trouble if more African-American women start imitating Black men by doing whatever works best for them.

Without worrying about the so-called community or “Black love.” Consequently, the true underlying purpose of most “Black love” conversations is to keep Black women’s money, time, energy, attention, and efforts solely focused on supporting Black men and their issues (which are redefined as overall “Black community issues”).

Most African-American consumers don’t care about quality, customer service, or anything else.

Those are just the excuses they give for not supporting Black-owned businesses. Other motivations form the backdrop of their buying decisions.

Black men will complain about the aftershocks created by the mass absence of marriage among African-Americans, such as the legions of fatherless, violent Black male criminals.

One of the many unfortunate unintended consequences of the civil rights movement is that it reinforced the African-American perception that: So, most African-Americans get an emotional high from shopping with non-Blacks.

We’ll even fight with non-Black others to make them take our money.

I want you to succeed and prosper in your business.

I’m concerned about you and the other very few African-Americans who are brave enough to start their own businesses.

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