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I didn't have the courage to be a "model Jew" and have all of my actions judged, because I was wearing a kippah. I thought about sprinting home so people could only see a cat-like figure rushing by them which wouldn't give them time to make out my head covering.I simply didn't have the courage to make the statement that wearing a kippah makes. But I realized that I was not at all cat-like, and that I could probably sprint for about a block before I would fall to the ground in convulsions. " Actually the person walking towards me was probably thinking to himself, "This man approaching me looks like he is addicted to crack.Eavesdrop on a conversation between girls about dating and you’ll likely hear the following: “I wish guys weren’t so intimidated by my education level,” “why doesn’t he just ‘man up’?” Among a conversation between guys, you’ll hear: “I don’t think she’s feminine enough for me,” and “she has unrealistic expectations.” Delve a little deeper and you can determine the source of the struggle – how does a demographic of marriage-minded first-generation Americans reconcile their exposure at home with their exposure with the world at large?DATING AND MARRIAGE A GENERATION AGO Let’s take a look at what dating and marriage looked like for many Sephardic communities a mere 40 years ago, the last generation which believed in, and benefitted from, 2600 years of old-world Jewish values.: The girl, likely in her late teens, had suitors vetted out for compatibility by her parents.As a “beta” version of assimilating American Jews, we often wrestle with the values that resonate with us most.

If it moved forward, the two would modestly date for a little while, likely with a chaperone.I got into the elevator, which was to take me to the 45th floor, a little nervous about the kippah thing but forging on courageously.I noticed another guy in the elevator wearing a kippah as well. We struck up a conversation and I told him which law firm I was interviewing at. "Congratulations on getting an interview there." He paused for a second and then continued, "I should warn you.I exited cautiously and looked both ways as if I was going to set off the "kippah alert alarm." I turned to the man in the elevator and thanked him for the advice."No problem," he said to me while he stepped out of the elevator as well. Rothstein," the receptionist said to my friend in the elevator.

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