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Posted by Jim on December 28, 2017 Around 1,000 files have disappeared while ‘on loan’ to the government. Wednesday, December 27, 2017 The National Archives are home to more than 11m documents, many of them covering the most disturbing periods of Britain’s colonial past.

Amnesty International has called on Theresa May to order an urgent government-wide search for the documents, while Labor MP Jon Trickett has warned that the loss “will only fuel accusations of a cover-up”.In effect it replaced the old Maryfield structures established under the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement which guaranteed the Irish government an input into The North.The new British-Irish Agreement of 1998 replaced the Anglo-Irish Agreement.Even if the files that have now been reported missing vanished as a result of sloppiness or incompetence rather than malice, that is in a way no less damning.Britain has long failed to acknowledge the horrors that its colonialism and imperialism have wrought on the world.

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