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You know the one - you spend countless hours sending messages back and forth, maybe you're lucky enough to move to the phone, and in a couple of weeks, you might nail down a coffee find out there's no physical attraction. On Sweet Discreet, you cut out the middle man (the middle man being the pointless and painful dating game).Right away, you can see if you and your hookup de jour share that intoxicating chemistry.You find yourself needing an activity partner when your friends start getting married and aren't available to drop what their doing to go to a kick-ass concert you just won tickets for. You may have other important things on the go that make it impossible to fit a relationship into your life at the moment, or maybe you still have a bad taste in your mouth because of the way your last one ended.Whatever your reasons are, we get it - we're cool like that.

and trust us when we say that you're going to need all the energy you can get. Hookups can start casual and turn into something more serious, or they are agreed upon as a "friends with benefits" arrangement.

You need a 1 - you've got an extra concert ticket, need a tennis partner or someone on your arm for your cousin's wedding.

What you need is an activity partner - someone to hang out with platonically who also happens to share your interests. But we understand that people go through different phases in their lives and a relationship might not be at the top of their "to do" list at the moment.

Yes, I would like to have my profile permanently removed.

I actually found a man that I am seeing through Find New Passion and we care very deeply for each other and have a truly special connection that we feel is love.

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