Dating divorced mom kids

Those happy thoughts makes it harder for me to let it go.I realised that I do need help but I just couldn’t bring myself to accept that everything is over.Continue reading » Number of View: 1617 Hi Gilbert, I am writing to you as I had gotten your email from Singapore Support Site for The Divorced. I have received a summon to attend Court as I did not allow the Child’s Father to see him.

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He had emotionally vacated the marriage and I also discovered he was involved with his colleague, to whom he would confide his woes (including calling me names) and secretly date, plus show care, assistance and concern towards.He used to work part-time, (3 and half days) but now always say he need to work during his days off.Suspect he is seeing women outside for sex…don’t known whether it …An RC member who saw my son sleeping on a couch and myself on the floor together with my dementia mother and schizophrenic sister during “house visits”, they suggested that I see my MP but I’ve seen him 12 times to no avail and to his own ministry for that matter. Continue reading » Number of View: 981 Hi Gilbert, I’m not sure whether this counselling service would be of any difference for the one that I’ve had before and also if I’m ready for that.It’s hard for me to move on as the memories with my wife still linger in my mind.

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