Dating english houses

In this world, unfortunately money talks, you have to have it and without it, you can’t do much in this world.Let’s say you are a single male, you met this great girl.Bigger IS better, bigger house, bigger bank account, more space to store things you just have to have, and a bigger rock on your fiancés finger.If you can’t do all these things, your social and professional life will suffer.

What the hell is she going to think when your car is bigger then the house you live in?If people at work find out that you live in a house on wheels, they will think of you as homeless, a transient, and most likely think that you live the way you do because you managed your money so poorly.Why would a person making k a year live in a 100 square foot house unless they were so broke that they had to?I like to indulge the opposing view on strongly held beliefs, so that I can see if my stance needs adjustment or potentially, I could be wrong about it all.The point is, I try not to only listen to people who agree with me on things. They are too small to be a viable option for a normal person’s needs.

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