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In the video, Alabama explains how a first date with Auburn would go by poking at a wound that hasn’t fully healed: the collapse at LSU.“Starts off strong with a nice five-course meal, a bottle of wine, then before you hit dessert, you’re crying alone in the bathroom wondering where it all went wrong.” When asked the same question, here’s what Auburn had to say. Maybe snuggle up on the couch, flip on the Florida State game and watch their signature out-of-conference victory lose every game this season.” That’s just a sample of the back-and-forth between the two.When the mirror is held up to your game, and it appears too try-hard or out of tune, that means you’re running a game that no longer fits your temperament.Secondly, when there are girls you eagerly banged in the past who you would no longer touch, that means your quality has gone way up, and if your quality has gone way up, so has your value.Manchester United went top of the Premier League following a resounding 4-0 victory over West Ham, who begun their season with a disastrous result that they can ill-afford given their difficult campaign last season.United manager Jose Mourinho deployed two of his three new signings in Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic, although the absence of fully-fit defender Victor Lindelof did cause a stir before kick-off.Ainsley Maitland-Niles conceded a penalty after just eight minutes, with Robert Lewandowski coolly finishing past Petr Cech to give Bayern the lead.

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But what happens when your value actually does become high?In addition, aggressive game has one serious flaw: you do almost all of the work.That reason it’s common for one-night stands to flake out before a first date is because walking away has no cost for her—she invested little work in you (spreading legs doesn’t count as investment to an American girl).This is why the game I teach is based on touching, fast kissing, , and no-nonsense text game. This game works best on women who need to use their sexuality to keep men on the line, meaning 7’s and below.These girls tend to lose the interest of an alpha male if she doesn’t put out, so she’s not adverse to fast hook ups in order to grab his attention. These beautiful women don’t need to hook a man with their sexuality—their raw beauty is enough.

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