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A few weeks later I met the doyen of young train spotters called Bonzo.Aged thirteen, he was a veritable professor on railways, who taught me all I needed to know about the Stanier 'Black 5' two-cylinder 4-6-0s with Belpaire fireboxes, tapered boilers and outside Walschaerts valve gear; the 3-cylinder express variant 'Jubilee' class and rebuilt 'Royal Scots', and the 4-cylinder 'Princess Royal' and 'Coronation' class Pacifics.Didn't she realise how important this answer was an emphatic 'No, no, no!' every time, and that was the end of the matter - or, rather, it was the beginning of another...Click on photo to see the full 'Coronation Scot' train.(Above-Below) A locomotive nameplate 'CITY OF CHESTER' as carried by the LMSR 4-6-2 Pacific 'Princess Coronation' class 7P (later 8P) loco No 6239 built at Crewe in September 1939 to Lot 150.It emerged from the works with a double chimney, streamlined casing and painted in red and gold livery.The plate went under the hammer for a whopping £51,500 at a Great Central Railway Auction in July 2009Mistakes in captions can, and do happen on this site, so if anyone has information to correct errors it is most welcome.

The cast brass measuring 75" x 7½" is one of the original plates fitted when the locomotive was built in its streamlined form and originally bore chromed letters.I have studied this photo on numerous occasions and I do not think it is 46220. I haven't the foggiest idea how I missed it; I mention elsewhere on this site about getting up close and personal with a photographer's work in Photoshop, but in this case I obviously didn't get close enough!The number on the cabside is definitely not 46220, I think it is 46235; this loco also had the crown motif attached above its nameplate. Bob Johnstone has added his comments on the Guest Book page; Bob writes - 'Another update I'm afraid.The loco was repainted red in 1941, de-streamlined early in 1946 and became BR 46221.It moved to Crewe North in 1958 and then Camden, Crewe North again and finally Carlisle Upperby from where it was withdrawn in May 1963, although by that time it had already been in store at Upperby since the previous November. Measuring 71½" long, the front of the plate was repainted black and the brass polished, but the back was is in completely original condition, while the edges retaining the original chrome plating.

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