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Reluctant to raise taxes, residents allowed money to run the city.Services were provided from the fines charged to prostitutes.At the same time, the town established schools (racially segregated for white and black children), churches, and other civic amenities.In the late 19th century, Sedalia was well known as a center of vice, especially prostitution, which accompanied its large floating class of railroad workers and commercial travelers. Louis Post-Dispatch called Sedalia the "Sodom and Gomorrah of the nineteenth century." Middle-class businessmen made money off illegal prostitution as building owners and lessees; others did business with people in the industry, who banked, used lawyers, etc., in town.

These establishments also employed musicians, particularly piano players, contributing to a thriving musical culture. Indigenous peoples lived along the Missouri River and its tributaries for thousands of years before European contact.The area that became the European-American city of Sedalia was founded by General George Rappeen Smith (1804–1879), who also founded nearby Smithton, Missouri.The gender makeup of the city was 48.3% male and 51.7% female. Hart/Mexico Area Vocational-Technical School and the Advanced Technology Center are located here as well.Mexico was the home of Hardin College and Conservatory of Music, a Baptist college established in 1873 for young women, an institution founded and endowed by Charles H. Hardin College closed during the Great Depression and never re-opened.

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