Dating man with child Free intimate encounters phone chat

Fathers always take into consideration how their child feels about someone they are dating — as they should.

But if things go well, the child will be integrated into the relationship and that’s not something I am willing to deal with.

Bad blood is usually inherited by the new woman in that man’s life, and I’m not dealing with it.

The two loved each other once and have a child to show for it, so there is always a chance that they will want to revisit their love again.My weekends had definitely changed but interestingly enough, that wasn’t what I felt, impacted my life.It was the relationship he had with the mother of his child.However, I was given various words of warning; ‘it will impact your life too much’ and ‘you’re too young’ etc. I didn’t take much notice, as it’s not that out of the ordinary anymore.Even Kylie Jenner is doing it and she’s younger than me.

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