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Amanda Logue was a porn star who owned a lingerie shop and occasionally dabbled in prostitution, much like some women do with pottery or knitting.She and her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, had a gathered a sizable Internet and Twitter following and were making money off of her body. Time."The next day, Logue tweeted that her and Andrews were lying around the couch, eating popcorn and watching movies. FUN FACT: that trashy heart necklace she's wearing in the picture is made of actual, dried, human hearts.

Agents answered ads and two juvenile trafficking victims were recovered.

Growing up in a world of abuse, she grew up to marry Fred and become a prostitute, with her husband's consent and approval.

One of her most regular clients that visited her (while Fred watched) was her father, who would also stick around to rape one of Rosemary's 8 children.

Clearly not made out for motherhood or humanity, Rosemary helped Fred in the kidnapping, torture, rape and eventual murder of at least 10 young girls.

They would pick up innocent women at bus stops around the area, inviting them in to their house for food and shelter, before the terrible ritual would begin.

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