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If you want a long-term relationship, then you need to be upfront with that in the beginning.

Another one of my clients just recently got into a long term relationship that has an eye towards marriage, which means that, not that they are going to get married right now, but that they both want marriage.

”He stops deadheading his roses and looks at me as if I’ve suggested microwaving his television remote.“Are you mad?

Guys only use Internet dating for casual sex...that’s what it’s there for.”“That’s a bit of a generalization, isn’t it? Why else would good looking guys go on a dating site?

If I can't see calling the girl a "friend" or "bud" or getting excited about getting to know her, I'll stop at "hi". And sometimes it might take the better part of an evening to reach a clear understanding. The is the only read way I know of to the answers that fit you or anyone for that matter is trial and error because all people can live with different things.

So I guess my main thing I want to talk about is going into a relationship with eyes wide open and knowing what it is you’re wanting.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I would not have a problem with it, only if we discussed it to see if there was a strong possibility of finding out. You can ask anything as long as you are honest so I would prefer your approach, and probably say sure lets do it! why would I waste my time and money on someone who's just using me as a crutch until something better came along?

If you were seeing someone who you did not see as "the one" (whatever that means, hate that term) would you ask him if he was alright with being Mr. Men, if some woman was honest enough to tell you she felt you were Mr. But it sounds to me like you are leading them on when you say you want to get to know them better first as that suggests there is a strong possibility you will decide that they are the one. Right now (couldn't see living together), now he's just my friend. This is typical nonsense that most women try and pull..

It's an art of discretion not to say everything that flashes across your mind, like I'd like to meet your friends because I'm hoping one of them's better looking....really, you're going to have fries and a bascon cheeseburger again......really? He’s still somewhat sexually attractive, you have some good feelings for him, enough that he’s a candidate under consideration. Right Now material and I possibly felt similarly, I would seek further clarification and understanding. Possibly even be a loving and affectionate relationship while circumstances permit? I agree with scottey63 -- what's the point of hanging out while someone tries to decide if they like you? It also sounds like you're the back-up plan or the back-burner guy/girl.

Right Now is if the "relationship" doesn't work out and the two part ways, many women will start whining: "Player. But if he’s not the one, he’s still something, right? Are we both at a place in life where an intimate relationship of unknown, unknowable but possibly/likely short-term duration could be a wise and healthy choice for us? In that situation it would be best to talk it over with him and be honest about it.

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