Dating nightmares and how to handle them

Somewhere out there you can hear a mom telling their child to “put away the phone when you are with your family at the table”. This is quality time to either get to know someone, make an impression, or just share some bonding time.

It is hard to do any of those things while being present in the world on your phone rather than the date itself.

There are many fun ways to communicate your save-the-date to your guests. The invitation is the official invite for your guests.

It includes date, place, and time of the wedding, along with an RSVP card for invitees to complete and send back to you.

First dates are not only for evaluation but they are also very nerve-filled and sometimes you have to cut your date some slack and understand that they are probably judging themselves too and are just trying to impress you.This awkward silence is literally the epitome of date nightmares. RELATED: The Art Of Great Conversation On First Dates What is worse than being on a date with someone who won’t talk at all? Alright, you are trying to impress your date by boasting about yourself, your accomplishments and how much you go to the gym (or how much you want them to you go to the gym, let’s be real) and that is fine.I know that when you meet someone new or when you’re going on a date it could be nerve-wracking but sometimes the long awkward pauses and silences are just too much to handle and it makes time go by slowly . However, you also have to let your date speak and you have to listen to what they have to say. Talking about an ex may be the biggest red flag of all and is definitely an unpleasant topic to mention on a date, especially a first date.A separate reception card can be included with the invitation, announcing the location reception.Hotel accommodations, registry information, fun tidbits about you and your partner, and additional wedding weekend events should be a part of your wedding website.

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