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All I smell is a combination of a dirty patchouli, a tad more muted than the original with honeyed undertones and a bubblegummy jasmine.Good amount of orchid as well, the same as in Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo.Both are gorgeous and different enough to merit owning them both, imho.

But my question is, if this fragrance has won so many awards, why on earth would they reformulate it? Even though I do not wear this fragrance, i'm still offended at the fact that they chose to water down this perfume and change the composition entirely. Really bummed to see all these reviews stating it's been reformulated recently. I also didn't realize it was such a polarizing scent; apparently though, I am one of the Chosen.If you agree with me that this has been reformulated, I just created a forum section under "women's fragrances".Yes, it has been reformulated, yes it's softer and more powdery. This is not the first time that the notes of Angel have's a total mass market dumbing down of the perfume but it's no longer boozy or chocolatey. Anyhow, what I have been wearing in winter and spring had the proper and excessive amount of dirty patchouli with some sweetness I didn't care much in the background.I still don't care about the sweet notes that render the sweetness as long as they are kept in check in the background letting the patchouli shine. The usa official website claims Angel has: "Fragrance notes: bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli." There is a difference obviously.

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