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Thanks Maria (Aruba) Report N16 (added on October, 10, 2013) First he contacted me through WAYN website September 25 under the name James Xanderport. Said he was a Major General in Afganistan, lost family in 911, wife and 12yr old daughter died in plane crash 7 years ago. Planning on retiring and returning to US October, November. Has poor english and poor understanding of certain english words, which became a red flag.

Also sent me photo and letters from his so-called son calling me MUM. I have recieved from him the exact photos as posted on this site plus others.

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Counting down to the day he leaves and we can be together forever (after 2 days!Movies was highlighted, so I immediately thought this is not correct. He didn't had his uniform on and he was holding a glass of wine.He tried to contact me via the phone (skype) but didn't succeed. Shirley (USA) Report N9 (added on August, 7, 2013) I was contacted by this gentleman through Yahoo date line and conversed with him on Yahoo IM, May/Jun 2013.) Claims to live in Virginia but he will not retire to US because it will remind him of fetel [sic] car accident that took his sister Elizabeth and parents in 1985.Claims to have a 24 year old son Lucas also in military. Wants me to look out for likely properties / land for investment. Attaches images of good-looking military man with JAMES on chest tag (why would it have his first name??

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