Dating persian jewish men

As a secular Israeli who fought the stranglehold of my country’s rabbinical institutions, it was something with which I could not live.“It’s not the same,” I told her.

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The expression “Esther’s Children” refers to Esther, who was a Jewish companion of the Persian king Ahasuerus and who saved the Jews from the evil minister Haman.But I have the last revenge: According to Jewish law, because she married me, she’s Iraqi now. Last year I came across a wonderful book called Esther’s Children: A Portrait of Iranian Jews, edited by Houman Sarshar.In Iran Jews honor Esther; Houman Sarshar says that her actions led to an important tradition, “a millennially long tradition of dissimulation in the face of harm or anticipated injury, a tradition of keeping hidden a heritage carried out by our foreparents into Diaspora so that I might survive and safeguard this ancient heritage and do my part in passing it on to the next generation of Esther’s children.” (Pg. In Iran, Jews have awarded her a special status, almost like a holy figure. The essays in this work are top-notch and incredibly informative, written by scholars who are the best in their field, but even more marvelous are the pictures.In this book are hundreds of photos of everyday life, works of art, and important figures and places.

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