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Significant also because during this pause in the campaign, General Lee was getting ready to pull Grant into a trap at the North Anna River.But Grant sensed the trap and disengaged, sidestepping once more to the South.This picture was taken a few days after his unfortunate assault at Cold Harbor. By the time this photo was taken, Grant and Lee had lost a combined 80,000 men (50K Union, 30K Confederate) at the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna and Cold Harbor.This is one of the most historically valuable photos ever taken of the war because it is the only known photograph that shows Confederate soldiers on the march in enemy territory.The bags had our monogram embroidered on one side and Positano on the other.They were made by a local grandmother who still does this by hand!

Alexander Gardener photographed these dead rebels of Starke’s Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia where they fell along the Haggerstown Turnpike.It was so much fun and a great way to welcome everyone to Capri!(We also had our own lemon-adorned wooden license plate placed on the back—a very cute surprise for us! Michael’s is from Van Cleef & Arpels in Aspen, where we met, and I had it engraved with a special note and the date of our wedding. Cynthia Cook Smith made the connection, and Montana created the ring I always wanted as an oval diamond band all around. We couldn’t think of a more wonderful place to start the first day of the weekend than at Da Paolino, which is a restaurant located in a field of lemon trees.But it actually shows General Grant (left) and five officers on Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee, after Grant whipped the Confederates in November 1863. George Bernard saw the results when he photographed the remains of CSA General Hood’s 28-car ammunition train, which Hood’s retreating army burned after loosing Atlanta to Sherman, September 1864.Sticking out of Grant’s mouth is one of his ever-present cigars (which would eventually give him the throat cancer that killed him). This was the late Shelby Foote’s favorite photograph because it “shows three Confederate soldiers who were captured at Gettysburg, You can see exactly how the Confederate soldier was dressed.

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