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It does suck that there's essentially a download tax, though. Navigating the Sections Takes a Bit Too Much Effort The videos are spread across more than 300 pages and so are the photo sets. The scenes that impress the most are the ones that come from Digital Playground's big-budget productions and the XXX parodies the company has become known for. Pic Dimensions (HQ): All = 2494x1663 Sizes vary a little. High-Quality Porn Quality isn't sacrificed for quantity here, as even the oldest porn (dating from the year 2000) looks quite good.

Download Managers: No downloads available with a standard membership. My Opinion: All original Digital Playground content, but you may be able to find some of it elsewhere.

Hundreds of Videos and Galleries With more than 3,600 videos and photo sets, there's no shortage of porn on this massive site.

The movies tend to be scripted scenes, though there are some that provide you with behind-the-scenes footage.

Making your way through them is a bit of a hassle, because you aren't permitted to jump right to whichever page you want, with the exception the first page, the last page and sometimes a page somewhere near the middle.

You're mostly stuck navigating ahead or back by just a couple pages at a time.

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