Dating rac car badges

The 1962 Dodge Dart 413 cu in (6.8 L) Max Wedge, for example, could run a 13-second 1/4-mile dragstrip at over 100 miles per hour (161 km/h).

In 1961 Chevrolet introduced the SS package on the Impala for .80, with included an optional 409 cu in v8 with 425 hp and upgraded brakes, tires, and suspension.

By 1964, General Motors' lineup boasted Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, and Pontiac muscle cars, and Buick fielded a muscle car entry a year later.

Studebaker entered the muscle car scene in 1956 with the Golden Hawk powered by a 352 cu in (5.8 L) Packard V8 with 275 bhp (205 k W; 279 PS).Muscle cars attracted young customers into showrooms, and they bought the standard editions of these mid-size cars.To enhance the "halo" effect of these models, the manufacturers modified some of them into turn-key drag racers.It featured America's first high-compression overhead valve V8 in the smaller, lighter Oldsmobile 76/Chevy body for six-cylinder engines (as opposed to bigger Olds 98 luxury body).Jack Nerrad wrote in Driving Today, "the Rocket V-8 set the standard for every American V-8 engine that would follow it for at least three decades[...] With a displacement of 303 cubic inches and topped by a two-barrel carburetor, the first Rocket V-8 churned out 135 hp (101 k W; 137 PS) at 3,600 rpm and 263 pound force-feet (357 N⋅m) of torque at a lazy 1800 rpm [and] no mid-range car in the world, except the Hudson Hornet, came close to the Rocket Olds performance potential..." Nerad added that the Rocket 88 was "the hit of NASCAR’s 1950 season, winning eight of the 10 races.

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