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Related: who doesn't like a bourbon-caramel ANYTHING?Two decades old, Acquerello still seems as young and fresh and cool as ever.The Campania by way of Marina (and now Oakland and Tokyo!) stalwart caused this city to transfer its Euro allegiances from France to Italy just over a decade ago.Additionally, the store features a sprawling concrete floor, polycarbonate sheeting in off-white, and a red brick exterior for an overall, industrial aesthetic.“I wanted this store to have a special mood both for the location and for San Francisco itself, taking its color from the red of the Golden Gate Bridge.There are hundreds of Italian options to choose from, and we’ve found the best across the city.

Made with brown butter, ricotta, and a liquid farm egg yolk center that explodes dramatically when punctured, it’s basically the most heart attack-inducing Italian classic dish.And, the interior just might be the most handsome in San Francisco, like a Pacific Heights penthouse would look we imagine. Cotogna is no second fiddle little sibling though -- sit at the counter in front of the pizza oven, the hottest seat in the city (not in terms of trendiness, but rather temperature).Not that it’s bad, but don’t get pizza: the pastas (looking at you agnolotti dal plin), the starters (constantly changing vegetable or herb sformato), and any grilled meat dish will blow you away.Lastly, you can also singlehandedly thank A16 for getting us all hooked on Italian wine outside of the Chianti bubble.There's no denying this place is pure posh decadence.

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