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The human soul was conceived as a spiritual substantial principle containing virtually the lower faculties of sensory and vegetative life.It is through this lower organic capacity that it is enabled to inform and animate the matter of the body.They are called substantial principles because combined they result in a being; but they are incomplete beings in themselves, incapable of existing alone.To the form is due the specific nature of the being with its activities and properties. (See FORM; MATTER.) For Aristotle, in the case of living natural bodies the vital principle, psyche is the form.Moreover, the vital principle is the only substantial form of the individual being.It determines the specific nature of the living being, and by the same act constitutes the prime matter with which it is immediately and intrinsically united a living organized body.For Descartes there are but two agents in the universe -- matter and mind. There is no possibility of interaction between them.

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Sentiency is the differentia which constitutes the second grade of life -- that of the animal kingdom.The human soul, however, endowed with rationality is of a higher grade.It is form of the body which it animates, not in virtue of its rationality but through the vegetative and sentient faculties which it also possesses.For Aristotle the chief universal phenomena of life are nutrition, growth, and decay.Movement or change in the widest sense is characteristic of all life but plants are incapable of local movement.

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