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""As Imagens mais Maravilhosas do Mundo""The Top World Wonders"" 342.""B&W, Artistic Sensual Nudes"" [Post 1 Comment3] 344.Israel through the Lens of Colonialism For centuries the British Empire conquered and subjugated other lands, holding sway over one-quarter of the world – India, the Caribbean, Gibraltar, Falklands, Singapore, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, parts of Africa – to the point where "the sun never set on the British Empire." Many Brits support the Palestinian "liberation struggle against Israeli imperialism.” Might this – perhaps subconsciously – be an outgrowth of Britain’s colonial history?Of course, there are fatal flaws with the comparison: Israel is the ancient Jewish homeland; control of the disputed territories resulted from a defensive war; and Israel has never sought to subjugate or exploit the Arabs. Writing in the Washington Post, political analyst Robin Shepherd observed: Europe is "awash in post-imperial guilt, and I frequently get the sense that Israel's claim to a piece of land in the Middle East revives guilt-inducing memories, among my English countrymen and others, of white Europeans carving up the Third World and subjugating 'lesser peoples' in the 19th century." This, Shepherd discerns, "can make for an intoxicating cocktail of anti-Israeli sentiment." Whatever the reason(s) why the British sometimes act in anti-Israel ways, today some of the worst forms of anti-Israel rhetoric – delegitimization, demonization and double standard – are coming out of the UK.""Art""-""THE ULTIMATE IMAGE GALLERY OF PHOTO ART"" 341.

***Guardami negli occhi**- P1/C5 - SWEEPER RUNNING - VOTE NOW!There are only two incidents of British royal family visiting Israel over the past 64 years – Prince Philip at a ceremony honoring his mother, and Prince Charles attending the funeral of Yitzhak Rabin.Yet both times the British were careful to emphasize that these were private, non-official visits.Jewish underground groups made the continued British occupation unbearable and in May 1948 they packed up and left.The British were undeniably sore over being kicked out by tiny upstart Israel.

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