Dating solder top cans

Britain at the time saw the Napoleanic expansion across Europe as a threat and responded by taking the next step toward canning.In 1810 Peter Durand in England received a patent for food preservation.Steel cans saw an annual decline of 2.7 percent between 19 whereas aluminum cans saw an annual growth of 0.9 percent.The can manufacturing industry employed 38,600 people in 2002, down from 41,400 in 1997.Based on the Economic Census conducted by the Bureau of the Census, metal cans represented an billion industry in 2002 and, by projection of past trends, was around .4 billion in the early 2000s.

Innovation in aluminum is centered on shapes and closures—thus on features that have a strong promotional and marketing aspect.Napoleon Bonaparte kicked off the process in 1795 by offering a prize of 12,000 francs to the inventor of a method for preserving food.Nicholas Appert, a chef and candy maker, won the prize in 1809.Appert invented canning, but his containers were sealed glass.He sealed his containers in boiling water, thus producing a vacuum.

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