Dating someone with opposite political views

It also means our conventional wisdom about how the internet works is wrong.The internet, most everybody agrees, is driving Americans apart, causing most people to hole up in sites geared toward people like them. And people, if left to their own devices, tend to seek out viewpoints that confirm what they believe. The evidence against this piece of conventional wisdom comes from a 2011 study by Matt Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro.They used this data to measure the political segregation on the internet. What is the probability one of them will be liberal and the other conservative?How frequently, in other words, do liberals and conservatives “meet” on news sites?To think about this further, suppose liberals and conservatives on the internet never got their online news from the same place.

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And four times more nineteen-year-olds sign up than forty-year-olds. I gleaned all this from her profile and posts on, America’s most popular online hate site.Stormfront was founded in 1995 by Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader.The percentage of Stormfront’s target audience that joins is actually higher in areas with more minorities.This is particularly true when you look at Stormfront’s members who are eighteen and younger and therefore do not themselves choose where they live.

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