Dating styles in 1818

Award-winning onsite Gift Shop features artifact reproductions and fine NL craft. By 1613, the colonists had built at least sixteen structures, including a fort, a sawmill, gristmill and a brew house.Every summer, archeologists working the dig site at Cupids Cove Plantation reveal more and more about the lives of these colonists - Canada's first English settlers. This site is operated by The Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation.Thisis where fishermen came from all over the Bight to trade their fish for supplies, and where the Lester-Garlands kept track of their fortune.The Mercantile Premises is one of the last buildings remaining from a complex of warehouses and workshops and that once lined Trinity's shore.Stark white Cape Spear Lighthouse pierces a sky swirling with seabirds atop a craggy headland.

In a fishing community on the rocky Newfoundland coast is a window to Canada’s maritime past and the life of one of the country’s greatest Arctic explorers.

This retail operation also supports our mandate by presenting the Province’s culture thorough a wide variety of local art, craft, gifts, and books.

In the 18th century, when Trinity was a bustling, thriving seaport, with the shipbuilding, the fishery, and importing and exporting all taking place, the Mercantile Building was a hive of activity.

This little Newfoundland town leaped into the history books and remained a global communications hub for over a century.

The cable station opened the world to the outport men and women who worked here and remains a time capsule of the communications technology that connected us all right up to the 1960s.

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