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There are schedules to adhere to and menstrual cycles to keep track of, and it can sometimes even feel like an obligation. As couples get older, their obligations change and pile-up.

Like how you might love Mc Donald’s french fries, but if you worked there you’d get sick of them. Promotions at work mean spending more time at the office.

Kino is a commonly used word in the pickup artist world.

Kino usually refers to the act of touching someone in a non-threatening manner to build trust to eventually have sex with them.

While the guides caution against touch that could be interpreted as creepy, it is easy to see that if the suggested moves are done by someone who is socially awkward, they are liable to come across as creepy and clumsy.

Touching another person without permission is easily construed as assault or sexual harassment.

If the person is in a relationship with someone else, that third party may take issue with the touching even if the woman does not seem to object.This is especially true in an academic or work environment.Sexual harassment does not depend on the intent of the perpetrator, but rather how it is interpreted by the person who was touched and how a reasonable woman would view the action.‘Roaching’ comes from the theory that when you see a cockroach, there are lots more that you don’t see. The word kino is short for kinesthetic approach, meaning physical touch with the intention of getting to know someone better.

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