Dating tips meeting parents

Before you shake hands, commit these DON' Ts to memory—they're straight from family members who've been there."When my son brought his new girlfriend over for dinner the first time, she was texting on her cell phone the entire meal.

Be polite, say “yes, please”, “thank you” and a lot of compliments along the way about the food, the place and the people.A bit of effort, these seven tips and smarts with a blend of charm will set things just right to create a charming impression. This homework might just instill the right measure of confidence in you.Do your homework Try to find out as much as you can about your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents before you go. Meeting the parents outfit Your “meeting the parents outfit” depends on the kind of couple they are.Sometimes, dealing with the parents can take on a surreal quality. Ask your partner about their passions and interests and also ask if there are any issues they are particularly stiff about, so you can prevent the whole foot-in-mouth syndrome.The best way to boost their confidence and to avoid the dreaded lie detector test and other forms of big screen paternal torture is to ace the first meeting. Meeting the parents is similar to the first date you had with your loved one. You feel overwhelmingly self-conscious and you’re totally unable to relax.

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