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When I remove my makeup before take-off, a member of the crew rushes up, concerned that I’m starting to cry (and very relieved that I’m not).

There’s a playfulness to the team that is, I think, uniquely Irish – there’s no sense of fawning or false platitudes, but you’re very well looked after. On my outgoing flight, lunch is a rather flabby Irish stew, which is under-seasoned and bland.

each flight has a minimum and maximum assigned offer value, and your bid needs to fall within this zone.

A “strength gauge” will tell you how likely your bid is to succeed, but there’s no guarantee that it will be accepted.

51st & Green (below) opened last year, and is located beyond US pre-clearance.

Anyone who has headed down far, far too early to be met with limited shops and cafés will be glad of the gleaming white, dapper lounge, which is open to all business class passengers.

More: Review: What's it like to fly Emirates Business Class? Amenity kits are stocked with top quality Voya products – think lip balm, moisturiser, facial wipes and mouthwash, in a handy pouch (that has since become my go-to toiletry bag).

When you take your seat, a warm towel is handed to you, along with the glass of champagne in a cute glass adorned with the Aer Lingus logo.

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And when you land back in Dublin, you can nip into the Revival Lounge at the baggage claim area.

I do, however, find the Aer Lingus seats to be dreamily comfy, with more than enough room for me to stretch out, roll over in the night and sleep with my legs akimbo.

Seat back entertainment comes in the form of huge 16-inch HD screens (above) and noise-cancelling headphones, though one critique from fellow passengers is that the screen doesn’t tilt (meaning watching from a fully reclined position is tricky).

Travelling from Dublin to LA recently, I finally got to find out.

Aer Lingus flights to New York and LA are on an Airbus A330 from Dublin, with 23 seats in business class.

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