Dating uzbek women

I was surrounded by tatar-ethnic, russian-ethnic, korean-ethnic, persian-ethnic, ect beauties, all dressed in too short skirts or small shorts, minimalist tops and fuck-me heels.I then decided that Tashkent will be my new favorite place on the planet.What strikes immediatly is the astonishing variety of women that covers all the types you can dream about and that is truly unparallelled on the planet.Tashkent carry an insane number of tall and gorgeous women from all ethnicities. Nonetheless I am perhaps not totally objective as I have a fascination for persian looks combined with hot russian bodies, exactly one of the types that abounds in Tashkent.

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It is interesting to note that because of the cheap cost of life, the abundance of available girls and the "exotism" of the city, Tashkent is also a "party destination" for some russian guys.

BTW Tashkent is a liberal, mainly unreligious place and even though many guys refer to the Islamic character of Uzbekistan, I myself can't agree to any of that for Tashkent.

You encounter here MUCH less of the cliche Islamic lifestyle than you would in Jakarta or KL, or even in London or Paris.

Tashkent has a smooth mediterranean climate, nonetheless it can be scorching hot in summer, up to 45°.

During this period women wear next to nothing ..."Wawaweewa, it's a very nice" would say Borat.

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