Dating vintage gillette razors

There is an art to using a safety razor for a close shave and so it is recommended that one observe techniques by watching You Tube videos and starting with a milder shaving razor.

A milder razor allows more leeway for a less experienced touch, thereby reducing the chance of cuts and nicks.

The shaver is slightly head heavy; thus the weight of the head facilitates an extra close shave.

On the second pass, shave XTG (across the grain); this refers to the direction your beard grows.— with two opposing sharp edges, the safety razor was the razor of choice among men until recent decades when the mass marketing of multi-bladed razor blades eclipsed DE shaving.A leading worldwide manufacturer of quality shaving equipment since 1906, the Merkur Solingen company is a subsidiary of DOVO Solingen Steelware.There are a number of options to consider, all of which can affect one’s shave.For example, the typical newcomer to fine grooming will usually try a variety of blades before finding the one that works best for his shaving needs. Merkur only has 3 non-adjustable head types and three adjustable head types.

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