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Should You Skipped It, Sample It First or Blind Buy It? I have not eaten nor smelt rhubarb so it is a guess on my end. what a nice fragrance, tobacco, suede, pine tree,cinnamon, juniper berries and rhubarb. can't complain with that:) 2-4 sprays, it has a good projection and its not overpowering. Opens up spicy, incense, a syrupy opening, like flat Coca Cola syrup in fact. The Coca Cola syrup that i am picking up is the rhubarb note?

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Vintage by John Varvatos is a Woody Chypre fragrance for men. The nose behind this fragrance is Rodrigo Flores-Roux. The general feedback I've received is it smells ok but it's too old mannish and I agree to some extent but to my nose it's a modern take on a traditional style of perfumery.

In it's heart there are minimal amounts of juniper berries and a more fragrant lavender floral note, atypical of most vintage men's fragrances. Orris root or iris is supposed to be in the mix but I never found this fragrance's heart to be all that floral and only the lavender comes through.

There is hardly any powder note though orris usually comes through as powdery in fragrance.

Maybe the latest version does smells different than the version I have. In contrast Polo and Burberry have lots of pine and woods. Vintage is the perfect autumn scent and very masculine. However, I will say that the heart of this fragrance is waaaaay better than Polo!

Tried it twice and said there would not be a third. I don't get the comparison of Polo Green and Burberry London because the 2012 version I have is completely different than those two fragrances.

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