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Not only that, the book is published by some no-name, never-heard-of before outfit from God knows where. His anecdotes do not provide any insight into the implications or effects of the very behavior he reports.Then I read the book - too many grammatical errors to count, which I found distracting (was this book even proof read? Not only that, but there were contextual errors also; for example, on page 14 in the second to last paragraph, the writer introduces a female with a male name (it should have been "Selma", not "Mohsen"! Then, in the last sentence of page 98, he states that Imam Reza is the ninth Shi'i Imam! Tahir, you really need to do your homework before you write a book. He offers opinions that come across as condescending of the Iranian people. Tahir includes a chapter about the movie, "Not Without My daughter." He basically gave a summary of the movie and then offered some blustery comments. This is probably because he spent just enough time in Iran (he doesn't indicate how much time he spent there) to collect anecdotal evidence so he could then market his experiences in this mess of a book. So, if you are looking for an insightful, compelling, well-written book, save your money.I missed all of them and thank you very much for writing this book, and thank you very much for taking the mission to open up the Iranian society with it's all real values, which not only refreshed my brain but also helped me to judge things differently.

The three curators of the exhibit ― Aanjalie Collure, a Sri Lankan-Canadian global health and human rights advocate, Jeffrey Ingold, a British-Canadian working in corporate PR, and Narmeen Haider, a Muslim Pakistani-American currently working in global health and development ― were all interested in tackling anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment in the West.

He has previously served as Bureau Chief of the International Turkish News Agency (IHA) and International Correspondent for Turkish TV TGRT for South Asia (1999-2002).

Currently serving as columnist of central Asia and Caucasus analyst and The Journal of Turkish weekly for Central Asia, Tahir is author of two books and also serves as analyst for Turkmenistan at the International Strategic Research Organization.

In studies published in 20, researchers at the University of Connecticut sent out fake resumes for entry-level jobs posted on Career Builder, some of which included religious mentions.

They found that the resumes that identified the applicant as Muslim in some way ― by suggesting the job seeker was part of a Muslim campus club, for example ― were much less likely than other religious groups to elicit a response from potential employers.“There are a little more than 3 million American Muslims. They can’t all be terrorists, or suspected of terrorism,” he said.

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