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Zildjian first advertised brilliant finish cymbals in their catalog in 1970.This can also be misleading since older brilliant finish cymbals have a patina that can look like they had a natural finish.Cheap cymbals are stamped from bronze sheets with more expensive lines cast from bronze and hammered by machine, giving consistent hammering patterns.More expensive hand-hammered/handmade cymbals (or very old vintage cymbals) are cast and shock-cooled from a higher temperature, which gives a weird shape to the blank and needs more time to hammer back into shape: sounds great but costs more! Machine hammered cymbals usually have a “dead on” pattern of dimples or hammer indents.Cymbals are stamped from bronze sheets, hammered or hand-hammered.This can be hard to tell but is more obvious on vintage or boutique cymbals.Earlier cymbals had models (like “Paper Thin”) inked on them but mostly lost them during cleaning over time. Most cymbals fall between 13˝ for hi-hats, small crashes and accents and up to 26˝ for the heaviest crashes, larger rides and huge trash/china cymbals.Manufacturer sizes aren't exact, a 20˝ cymbal can actually be slightly larger or smaller than 20˝.

Some even featured a “Hollow Ink Logo” in the late '70's.

We are constantly on the search for quality vintage cymbals to bring to our customers.

The limited manufacturing and high level of skilled handcraftsmanship that Turkish-made K.

Hand-hammered patterns are a little less precise or straight-up uneven: especially when the cymbals are shock cooled from a high temperature.

This is the pattern of rings that go from the cymbal's outer edge in to the centerhole or bell.

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