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And the night he confessed to viewing pornography at work while I waited for him at home—pregnant. But how could I feel beautiful in my own skin after my husband ranked me below other women? Every flaw somehow vanished when I realized that my imperfections were beautiful to Him.“Silence doesn’t make me feel any better,” I said, hoping he’d say something to reassure me. He said he had changed, and his actions proved that his heart was being purified more every day, but I still positioned myself below those women and felt unattractive. Stripped of make-up and hair products, I saw beauty in my reflection. The same God that orchestrates beautiful sunsets created me! I never imagined feeling beautiful again, not after my dearest companion whispered the heart-wrenching words, ‘Yes, she’s more beautiful than you.’ Agonizing thoughts popped up every time my husband and I made love. But every time I saw another woman I’d compare myself. I missed the way our relationship sparkled in the beginning. But every time I looked into his eyes I felt unwanted and ugly. People often reminded me that beauty isn’t reflected in a woman’s appearance—it’s all about her heart.“I don’t want to say something that’s not true.” “So, there are women you think are more beautiful than me? After many agonizing nights of locking my husband out of the house and handing over my wedding rings, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and asked God to help me view myself through His eyes—not my own or my husband’s. Looking at myself and believing I needed make-up, hair straighteners, and tan skin to create beauty was pretty much telling God, “Sorry, but you didn’t cut it. God builds me up and Satan schemes to bring me down. Yes, I still wonder if I’m good enough for my husband. Attributes I already knew he found attractive, but hearing the words ripped my heart into a thousand pieces. Then I asked a question I shouldn’t have asked, “So, if you stood her next to me, you would think she was more beautiful? Whenever we were in public, I feared seeing a woman with the qualities he named. And whenever my husband looked at me I’d wonder if I was beautiful enough.So much so that she named her platform, "Healthy is The New Skinny." "According to a recent study by the Reflections Body Image program, 54 percent of women would rather be hit by a truck than be fat," she said "This is just absolutely astounding to me.It's time that our society realizes that we have serious issues with body image and I want to be a role model.

This organization has allowed me to do that." She's passionate about positive body image."I really grow a hatred for my body through that experience, but thank goodness I have a strong support system that really instilled in me high self-esteem and I was able to overcome that and not fall prey to the pressures of our society to be the ideal thin." She's been a dancer for 19 years. She also wants to meet Birmingham's most famous weather man."I knew from my first dance class that I loved it," she said. I love to be on the stage, it just gives me life." For her talent at Miss Alabama, she performed to "Enigma" from "The Matrix" soundtrack. "I've always been really fascinated with weather," she said."It was inevitable when I entered kindergarten," she said."The kids started calling me that and it stuck." She's an Auburn fan who's not afraid to say 'Roll Tide.' In fact, she did just that at Samford University's Rotunda Club the night of her crowning "Of course, my loyalty lies with Auburn," she said.

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