Datingfactory it who is dating derek jeter

You will get nothing in return, only frustration and then anger when you realise you have been scammed!

Please do some research on the global online dating fraud - fake profiles, how they lure you to pay for nothing, how they fake whole websites (they call it "pre-populated" dating websites - which means anyone can rent a dating website from them and they will make it available to you with hundreds of pre-existing fake profiles and then split profits with you) with only monetary gain in sight.

I 100% can recommend them to anyone who wants to start up a white label dating site.

My experience with Dating Factory Limited stems from their affiliate Expatica Dating and they are behaving like scammers - the Expatica dating site is a fraud.

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My account manager is a big help for me and helps me with everything I need for my sites.If you're a partner, have you noticed a discrepancy between Google Analytics User Flow tool (which allows you to see a flow chart of user's page visits) showing users visiting the payments page and then member chat pages and other unknown pages, and the reports on DF which show no payments?I find this suspicious when you also consider the fact that you're not allowed to freely browse all the pages of your website and at least see the URL of the payments pages.seem to be alive and well and still encouraging people to sign up.I am interested in starting a dating site in an already saturated market but i will still make a go of it.

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