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They might have been together only through their team-up in two blockbuster movies, but it looks like Lea Salonga really left a mark on Aga Muhlach’s heart.He was every woman’s desire and she was the world’s darling songstress. Yet despite all the favorable reasons for a lovely union, it just never happened.Even so, she melted the debonair’s heart and made an imprint on him, enough to make him realize that she is “the one that got away.And she never knew.” Muhlach wrote those words in a letter that was included in the “Playlist Souvenir Book.Alexis makes sure that Carolina will never misbehave again! MANILA – Maja Salvador has certainly moved on from her failed relationship with Gerald Anderson. Salvador is the lead actress in the upcoming ABS-CBN series "Wildfllower," which starts airing on Monday.Entering Carolina's room she wastes no time changing from pleading wife to stepmother from hell.

Eating it for a moment, Carolina can't help feel weirded out but Alexis reminds her that she's the boss and that she better do what she's told when she's told: eat that pussy now or find a new place to live!Getting drunk on her power trip, she pulls up her skirt and tells her it's time to eat her pussy.When Carolina hesitates, Alexis reminds her what's at stake: perhaps she could move out, live on her own without her daddy's money.She needs to give her an allowance as an exchange for doing chores around the house.Happy with their agreement, Alexis goes upstairs to break the news to Carolina.

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