Dean geyer caitlin stasey dating

Steph spends as much time as she can with Charlie during her trial for culpable driving.She tells Charlie that she may need to go away for a while and Charlie asks if he can go with her.

She refuses to have treatment to protect the baby, causing a rift between her and Max.

Izzy passes out, but they are both saved by Lyn Scully.

A few months later, Max believes he is losing his mind when Elle Robinson (Pippa Black) launches a revenge plan against him.

When Steph takes Charlie to the garage, she is distracted by her new partner Greg Michaels (Nick Farnell) and a cabinet falls on Charlie. Charlie befriends Mickey Gannon (Fletcher O'Leary) and Callum Jones (Morgan Baker).

They form a band with Ty Harper's (Dean Geyer) help.

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