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How far are you willing to go to keep your peace and comfort? Kurt Hummel has resigned himself to a double life in his 1959 small town of Lima, Ohio: a hot-shot Greaser by day and a romantic, music-loving fashionista by night. What starts off as a tense relationship quickly dissolves into passion but can Blaine face what this means for his identity and family pressures- & more than that, can Kurt learn to trust enough to fully let Blaine into his life? He has a nice job, and is living the white-picket-fence-dream. Warnings: explicit sex, angst, cheating, strong language.

But Kurt's life is about to get all shook up; for better or for worse. Until one night he attends his friend's bachelor-party and a stranger with chocolate brown eyes and an electrifying smile turns it all around. Blaine is a married, twenty-seven year old businessman.

Klaine Enchanted AU: Kurt Hummel loves New York, loves his job and his life in the city, but while everybody around him is lost in the fairytale of love, Kurt’s alone.

That is, until the night the world drops an actual fairytale right in his lap.

Kurt Hummel has an instant crush on the new English teacher, Mr. Everyone seems to fuck like rabbits at Dalton Academy.

Neither Kurt nor Blaine are an exception to this rule.

Blaine was the social enigma of Mc Kinley, until an unkown incident in sophomore year that drove him into isolation.

For his world to dissolve into a twisted dance of fear and heat and blood.

Blaine and Kurt meet in college when they share a dorm room together.

Both of them are hiding their sexuality, but since neither is getting any action elsewhere, they enter into a friends-with-benefits type of relationship.

I read a lot of fics and I'm always searching for new stuff.

If you want to recommend some fics that you thought were good, please, tell me. Be it the fluffiest fic, the kinkiest fic or the longest fic you've ever read, I will love you!

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