Democrat dating republican can last

Three women and a man who are LWCC members are among the six candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Brat in 2018, a group that includes a former CIA operative, an Army veteran, and a former Marine. “There’s something about his smug little face.” Asked about the group targeting him, Brat in a statement said Northam won because Democrats “nationalized the election and motivated their voters to go to the polls while Republicans did not.” “Overall, when you compare the policies the liberals want and the policies I support,” he said, “it will be clear to voters in Chesterfield and throughout the 7th District what the better way forward is.” The last Democratic candidate to carry Chesterfield was former governor Albertis Harrison — 56 years ago. In 1965, as Byrd’s health was suffering his political influence was waning, A.Linwood Holton won Chesterfield — the first of 13 successive gubernatorial races in which the county voted Republican.

Last week, after winning her first political race, Hughes was sworn in as Chesterfield’s commissioner of revenue, a 6,000-a-year post.

“Midterm and off-year elections are defined by whose base is more animated and engaged and right now it’s the Democrats,” he said.

“You’re going to have to work harder than ever if you’re a Republican in this environment.” As they sift through the remains of their Chesterfield defeat, Republicans hold onto what they describe as encouraging signs, including that Ed Gillespie, their party’s losing gubernatorial candidate, got 7,000 more votes in the county than Ken Cuccinelli II, the GOP’s 2013 nominee. The Liberal Women of Chesterfield County is an example of a new breed of Democratic activism in the Richmond suburbs.

While the number of whites in Chesterfield declined by 10 percent from 2000 to 2010, the percentage of blacks grew by 4 percent and Latinos more than doubled from 3 percent to more than 7 percent.

At the same time, Republicans’ victory margins steadily declined. Warner was the first Democratic gubernatorial candidate in four decades to get more than 40 percent of Chesterfield’s vote.

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