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A spokeswoman for Sainsbury's commented: 'All of our festive sandwiches carry very clear colour-coded front-of-pack nutritional labelling, so our customers can make an informed choice.'A M&S spokeswoman added: 'The Christmas Club is a delicious lunchtime treat for the festive season - our customers love it and its flying off the shelves already.All our sandwiches are clearly labelled and we offer a wide range of healthier lunchtime choices for our customers to choose from.' A spokesman at Co-op said: 'We were one of the first retailers to introduce a traffic light labelling to help consumers make informed choices.Its Festive Sandwich, new for this year, contains just under 600 calories for a 6ft sub, and 17.2g of fat.M&S's Christmas Club contains nearly 3g of salt, and Tesco's Finest Turkey Feast also score highly for calories and fat content.Unlike other pre-packaged seasonal sandwiches, the Subway Festive Feast can be completely customised to suit individual tastes, meaning customers can create their own variation of their seasonal treat, by leaving out the sausage or by changing the sauce.This sits alongside our permanent range of nine Low Fat Subs, all under 370 calories.'This is the ultimate Christmas dinner sandwich.

The toasted sandwich is under 400 calories at 370 kcal and has a relatively small amount of fat: 8.4g.Hardly any of the sandwiches have less than 400 calories.The 'healthiest' on the list is Caffe Nero's Gluten Free Stuffing, Cranberry and Turkey Roll, which contains 317 calories.The spinach doesn't intrude, and adds a welcome crunch. This is Pret's first ever vegan Christmas sandwich and it went down a treat with my colleague Matthew - who is a ordinarily a meat eater. But the Pret veggie Christmas sandwich was a revelation.Although the ingredients - roasted chunks of butternut squash, nutty pesto, rocket, yoghurt mayo dressing, and crispy onions - don't sound especially festive, the nutty pesto tasted a lot like stuffing and it felt like there was a tangy hint of cranberry in there too.

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