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We work extremely well together, but I have a respect for him as a musician, as a Black man because I understand the pressure of the will to do greatness with the odds against you and your spirit has been broken. When you have put your business or life out front for all to see and you’re really just two southern people who love what you do and love the Lord and try to move forward in your life and you have all these things that come at you, it’s very easy to have separation come and then silence.There are times that we are silent and there are times that we laugh. Essence.com: So was it difficult letting go of the intimate part of your relationship? S.: If I felt like I needed to lean on him, I could but I chose not to because in order to move on with your life you have to let that part go and it’s hard to do when you have a tie that binds you—our son—so we have that kind of communication.Essence.com, caught up with the chanteuse to discuss her split from J Records, her new album, her fiancé, relationship with ex-beau D’Angelo and why she’s comfortable in her own skin.Essence.com: We’re living for the release of your new album, . Angie Stone: For me, it’s extremely personal because I was seriously contemplating leaving the secular set and going straight to gospel music because I was tired of my situation at J Records.Essence.com: Well, it’s hard to believe that you ever chose the wrong men because you’re known for attracting the young, beautiful brothers. Essence.com: Well, what advice can you offer women who are trying to change their Mr. They made me feel like I wasn’t beautiful like as if this person couldn’t love me.

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” Essence.com: Do you think that some of the public’s comments about you and D’Angelo not being suited for each other affected your relationship? But it doesn’t discredit me, because my inner beauty is going to surpass any chick in the game.The only thing I can take credit for is “Cruisin,’” which he couldn’t get done without me.I also wrote “Jones in My Bones.” D’Angelo’s brothers are gifted and helped him with a lot of the album, so he didn’t need me.Your relationship with him received a lot of public scrutiny. What people didn’t realize was that before he became successful there was Angie Stone from the group Vertical Hold—a strong beautiful sister who dated somebody who had not even crossed the threshold of the industry yet.When I was dating him he wore glasses, had short hair and his pants were hanging down to his butt.

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