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You know the sayings “never mess with mother nature” and “you never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?” We need to heed those words at least when it comes to treatments that can’t be reversed or stopped!The procedure is premised on the notion that if the endometrial lining is destroyed – ablated – bleeding can no longer occur. A search of the FDA MAUDE database included complications of thermal bowel injury (one resulting in death), uterine perforation, emergent laparotomy, intensive care unit admissions, necrotizing fasciitis that resulted in vulvectomy, ureterocutaneous ostomy, and bilateral below-the-knee amputations.Additional postoperative complications include: Endometrial ablation to block menstruation.

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The pelvic pain in women who’ve undergone both tubal sterilization and ablation has been coined postablation-tubal sterilization syndrome.

Many of the articles cited for this post come from paywalled journals that are not readily available to either the patients or the physicians – the costs are prohibitive for both.

So it is not clear whether the physicians performing these procedures are aware of the long-term risks associated with ablation.

At the very least, we have to become thoroughly educated about the risks and benefits of any given medical procedure.

WS has a passion for educating women (and men) about the overuse and harm caused by gynecologic procedures.

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