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I've dropped it several times, so I'm wanting to get another similar phone. Personally, I would call them in advance prior to purchasing a phone on my own to verify that it will work, and definitely try to get a transcript of that conversation. Oh yeah, one more thing, the obvious lesson learned. Well, about that Virgin Mobile-packaged Kyocera Hydro Reach I bought off e Bay, it will not work on AW's network. You can't buy it new anywhere except some folks peddling it on e Bay, and that is too "new". Oh, and to top off what a complete screw-up AW is, the sweet New Delhian suspended my service, as if I had lost my phone. I clearly explained that my phone (an older VM Samsung pay Lo) and service were fine, but the battery was no longer holding a lasting charge, hence the need for another phone.

This statement is in the AW FAQs:"The ZTE Quest is the recommended compatible Android smartphone that can be used on Assurance Wireless at this time. The friendly yet difficult to comprehend rep promised to send me a phone, a smart phone, to arrive within 7-10 days. Fortunately, I was able to restore it online.ughhhh!!!

I don't care how bad the phone is, I am happy that I have it and I don't have to PAY for it.

The service is great, however the phone is not that great. Unfortunately, there's no real science behind this as Assurance no longer publishes what's compatible. So instead of paying for the dump to get rid of them, some genius mind had the idea: Why not give them away to the lower class citizens and control them... I received 2 texts last week that I will be upgraded to 1 GB next month. Time will tell if the phone lasts, but for now, it meets my needs.

My brother got a Moto G5 Plus in a raffle at work, so he gave it to me. For the longest time any pay Lo phone could be used. [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@RGHHHHHHH I'm sorry to hear about your super frustrating experience! Even though I mentioned that "IT STATES ON THEIR FREAKING WEBSITE" that the Hydro Reach is one of the other approved phone models. Given how many people are reporting issues with various Lifeline services, I actually recently created a new page discussing your options for escalating your complaints. You can also scroll down and describe your personal story there as well!

I just went through hell, breaking my arm falling over my crutches that I was using for my hip that had to be replaced.

I had 2 major surgeries in the space of 4 months and I was crippled for the year prior to that.

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