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For Mac OSX operating system use Display Calibrator Assistant. PC with Microsoft Windows use Adobe Gamma that comes as part of the Photoshop package.Good digital images of art works can pique the neophyte's curiously, confirm and renew the museum goer's on-the-spot impressions.

Monitor Calibration In order to insure that the colors of your computer screen match those of the high standard digital image, regular monitor calibration is recommended.Some of these can be downloaded onto the user’s hard disk.The remaining can only be viewed online some sort of viewing interface which allows zooming and panning.During the mid-1990s, in collaboration with other museums, universities and commercial enterprises, the National Gallery of London participated in a EC-supported MARC PROJECT (Methodology for Art Reproduction in Colour).The project developed a new, large-format digital camera capable of making images up to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels.

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