Do not want kids dating

See also Don't Ask, Take Our Word for It, I Have My Ways. Prince George: As a matter of fact, they do often have to— Blackadder: —No! Massey: Well, to continue the metaphor, picture a billion attorneys, all bent on violating your mind, like the galaxy's single largest— Narrator: Whups. We at Schlock Mercenary don't want to trouble the tender minds of our viewers with truly disturbing metaphors like this one. Leaving a whole lot of questions that don't need to be answered. Barkin: And don't let them tell you that they're supposed to have class outside!

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Because women usually date men older than them, the trouble they have conceiving is due to the age of both partners. I’m getting a bit bored dating 35 year olds who want kids “one day.” Truthfully, more than anything else, it’s the complete lack of effort that’s really off-putting. Option 1 is “trapping” some guy into having kids with me because he lacks the self awareness to plan for it himself.

Also Cassandra Truth, if you know that they won't believe it, because of cognitive dissonance. Then) Wedge: "Wes, you were right." Wes: "You didn't want to know." Wedge: "I didn't want to know." Anghammarad: "Neither Deluge Nor Ice Storm Nor The Black Silence Of The Netherhells Shall Stay These Messengers About Their Sacred Business. Suffice it to say that Massey's experience was unpleasant.

Do Not Ask Us About Sabre-Tooth Tigers, Tar Pits, Big Green Things With Teeth Or The Goddess Czol." [...] Moist: "The goddess Czol?

More often than not, this phrase can just end up as Schmuck Bait. If played for comedy, the secret will turn out to be relatively innocuous - or at least, not nearly as far-out as what the other characters — and probably the audience — have it might be.

If played for drama (as in horror movies) it'll turn out that the secret is, indeed, quite bad, and that the others would, in fact, have been better off not knowing.

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