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We’re looking at cancer cachexia muscle wasting associated with cancer.

Now, we’re in the position where we’ve developed lots of different ketone supplements and we’re doing safety studies on them. We’re looking at a lot of different disorders including different seizure disorders. It’s interesting that cancer cells use glucose very rapidly but they don’t use ketone bodies efficiently for their energy.

The handling and the transport of glucose to preserve brain energy metabolism and then I realized that the brain could use ketones and that fasting was a way to put yourself into a state of ketosis, fasting ketosis, and that blood sugar was low and ketones were high and then that actually was very effective for managing seizures. That’s an interesting tension that you can learn by looking at yourself a little bit there as well. He had severe epilepsy and you guys wrote a story on him. I was just getting into this topic and I said, “Mike, maybe give this ketogenic diet a try. It’s not going to really set you back, so to speak.” He was a natural bodybuilder and want to do competitions. Nick: It’s interesting hearing you talk about this tension between therapeutic and you as an athlete. It sounds like you were studying it pretty much in a clinical perspective for a long time and then maybe started to realize maybe as an athlete there’s a place as well. Dom: This is like, I mean, going back at least 5 years ago. He had tried every anti-epileptic drug and was going to have brain surgery on his hippocampus to remove an area that may be the locus of the seizure, generating the seizure. We developed that, did the pharmacokinetic studies on it, did some metabolic work on it and confirmed that it does work remarkably well for oxygen toxicity in our rat model which is a pretty good surrogate model for what to expect in humans. By studying the ketogenic diet and looking at the mechanisms of the ketogenic diet but also developing ketone supplementation that could rapidly put someone into therapeutic ketosis, feed the brain specific ratios of ketones and those ketones can enhance brain energy metabolism under periods in the face of oxidative stress which would be oxygen and toxicity.

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