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Obviously there is an element of danger attached to this, and the Government does not allow a foreigner to be exposed in this way.It is illegal to walk on foot in a National Park unless accompanied by an armed Ranger.Whilst we appreciate such offers enormously, we very much regret that voluntary work in Kenya is not easy, and especially so with our orphaned animals, for the following reasons.Firstly, only the elephant and rhino Keepers, who literally replace the orphans' lost family, and must be prepared to be "family" for up to ten years, may do the hands-on work, since even voluntary work in Kenya by a foreigner requires a Work Permit.

These gifts are perfect to celebrate graduations, birthdays, weddings, promotions, and retirements.

By supporting our Animal Emergency Appeal you will be helping a disadvantaged one whose life needs may be small but who depends on your generosity for its survival.

May this season bring you health and joy and may part of that joy be the knowledge that your gift has helped sustain the life of an ill or homeless creature. Sincerely Virginia Chipurnoi President THE SANDY FUND of the Humane Society of New York was established by Dorothy and Bill Berloni to honor the memory of the rescue dog who originated the role of Sandy in the Broadway production of ANNIE, which opened on Broadway in 1977.

You might also find it useful to check our FAQs page for more information about fosterings and donations.

, a convenient way for donations to reach us is to wire it through our Bank's corresponding overseas bank.

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