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Information that the writers obtained verbally (oral tradition) and in writing (documents) undoubtedly played a part in what they wrote.Perhaps the evangelists also received special revelations from the Lord before and or when they wrote their Gospels.

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Likewise, Mark had close connections with Peter, and Luke was an intimate associate of Paul as well as a careful historian (Luke 1:1-4).If the revelation of the Gospels were to be removed, the Old Testament would be an enigma, and the remainder of the New Testament would never have been written.These two parts of the Bible, comprising sixty-two of its sixty-six Books, derive their value from the four which we call the Gospels." Part of the synoptic problem is determining the sources the Holy Spirit led the evangelists to use in producing their Gospels.Given the critics' view of inspiration it is easy to see how most of them concluded that the Gospels in their present form do not accurately represent what Jesus said and did.However, some conservative scholars used the same literary method but held a much higher view of the Gospel: for example, Vincent Taylor, who wrote The Gospel According to St. The next wave of critical opinion, "redaction criticism," began to influence the Christian world shortly after World War II. The German scholar Gunther Bornkamm began this "school" with an essay in 1948, which appeared in English in 1963.

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