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Reply I’m writting because of a negitive situation that i as a paying customer indoured via the gas station.

I personally am just about ready to look up an HEB to shop at.Perhaps Krogers should only accept credit cards to pay for gift cards. Reply i dont understand why the receipt paper at the gas pumps is often empty at the farmington Hills MI store. When i called the store i was told they didn’t have any paper then they put me on hold and never came back. Since he was able to see his schedule online, he constantly monitored the schedule and informed his supervisor when we could not work because of school.Barb Cryderman Reply The Kroger in Fayettville, Ga stole my money and will not give it back. Although he verbally told the managers the days that he could not work, his schedule for the most part was always wrong, they had him scheduled to work days that he had school activities and his schedule changes many times with no notification.Krogers was my first job and first learning experience of customer service.I started out as a bagger then I was confident enough to ask to become a cashier. I’d always heard that the company will rehire if you’re a veteran returning prior to employment.

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