Duodating com

While the mandatory rumours about the duo dating each other have started doing rounds, both KSG and Bips have categorically denied the goss.

But actions speak louder than words and Karan and Bipasha’s actions only indicate at the fact that they are dating each other!

And not to mention, the duo looks super cute together.

As the long days of March ends and a warmer season edges gradually closer, the postman delivered many joyful treats to the It’s Nice That studio this month.

Let us look at the dots and thereon attempt to join them, shall we?

She promised to be quiet and go read a book for an hour, thanks for being a good member of #jonsfamousfriends Paris.” The other, has got the right idea sending each issue in a see-through envelope.

Every time one pops through the letterbox its cover shines through the post, it’s a publication you automatically want to flick through.

This issue with the formidable Brie Larson illustrated on the cover looks like a film magazine from yesteryear but current at the same time.

Most recently, Karan was spotted in a car with Bipasha and designer Rocky S, prior to ringing in the actress’ birthday at her residence.

This means that KSG and Bips aren’t just co-stars, they are closer than that and we totally see a relationship blossoming there!

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